January 29, 2015

Little by Little Day 7:-Procrastinate Less

I am just going to continue my posts on the 31 day challenge. And to bad that the topic that I have lined is exactly what I have been doing, hahahaha.  Well actually not reall procrastinating but more of I am just too busy.  But anyway, I really have a tendency to leave for later things that I should be doing now.  Like right now, when I should be doing my thesis, I am blogging, hahahaha.  But still, this is productive in some ways.  Clearing cobwebs from my brain.

Anyway, as I've said, I will procrastinate late and do things right away. So bye for now and I am off to thesis-land!

January 28, 2015

Tokyo Tower, Japan

Tokyo Tower today, Eiffel Tower someday! #dreambig