June 27, 2014

They Grow Up Too Fast!

The photo on the left are just some of their ID pictures taken for school purposes, and here they are now last summer.  They grow up too fast! My first born is now in college, Danniel is now in Grade 6 and my little girl is now in Grade 4.  I know they won't be babies forever, but they will always be my baby.  I love it that they still cuddle with me and give me sweet kisses before going to school or to bed.  I know enough to enjoy and savor it because I know they will grow old soon. Hay, the perks and pains of motherhood. And I will give up anything just for these wonderful kids!

June 20, 2014


I saw this quote on Instagram and just had to share it, simply because this is so true for me.  I really love budget traveling, and sometimes, I really do not worry about money.  Instead of putting it on my savings, I would rather spend it for travel.  At least when I am old, I would lots of memories to last me my twilight years!

June 19, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dr. Jose Rizal!

I wish that our youth continue to know about your story and emulate you.  They are, after all, the future of our nation!