May 30, 2014

Making Kids Drink Tablet Medicine

His face while looking at the crushed medicine on a shot glass

My kid just had his circumcision and he has to take an antibiotic for one week, and pain killer as needed. The pain killer is in capsule form so I just take the powder out, put it on a spoon, and add add a little water so he can drink it in liquid form.  The tablet which is as big as a capsule is a different matter all-together.  On the first day, since he is already 11, turning 12 this year, I told him to try and swallow the tablet.  He couldn't! He ended up gagging it, making me so irritated! So what we did, and what we are doing up to now, is to crush the tablet using a long-nose plier, then we put it in a shot glass with a little water so he can just drink it.  And yet, he still takes forever to drink it! Then we had to wash the shot glass with more water until it is clean, and he would have to drink it each time.  It is tedious, but still, it gets the work done. My friend told me to try using a banana and to insert the tablet inside but I know that it won't work.  He takes forever to chew his food, and he can detect onions to spit it out so I know this won't work.  Good thing we only have to do this 2x a day! Unfortunately, making him drink his meds every morning has made me late for work the whole week. Ugh.

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