December 6, 2013

Friday Letters!

Dear Work, I am overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things I have to work on right now, I really am! I am so overworked I dont want it to be Friday yet! And that's unheard of! Dear School, I am enjoying you but I still haven't figured out why I want to do it! And there are still times when I am asking myself why, hahahah! Dear Ex, Seeing you again is so not worth the trouble I will have so, no thanks! Have a nice life! Dear Mountains, I love you! I love marveling at God's creation and how small I am compared to things.  Put me in my proper place! Will never stop until my legs can carry me up, and down!  Dear Christmas, You are just a few days away and I'm still not in the mood! Dear Husband, I love to hate you and I hate to love you, or is it the other way around? Anyway, you are part of my life, a big part of it, and while you sometimes drive me more than crazy, I love you! Dear Body Weight, WILL YOU PLEASE KEEP IT DOWN?!!! Hahaha!


It's the little things that count and I am very thankful for people who remember me with gratitude! Belated Happy Thanksgiving everyone!