February 4, 2013

36 Reasons To Be Happy at 36!

I turned 36 last February 1, and here are 36 awesome reasons why I feel so lucky and thankful during my birthday! 

1. I have an awesome husband. He loves just as I am!
2. I have 3 great kids. I love my family more than anything!
3. I have the best mom in the world.
4. And the best sisters in the world, too!
5. I have the truest friends (my best friends Ehms and Rona, and their husband and families).
6. I have a great job and the greatest bosses.
7. I have a house, even though we don't live there yet.
8. I have a car and I know how to drive a little but I'm just learning to park, ha ha ha.
9. I am able to travel in the country yearly, or even twice a year.
10. I have a passport.
11. And its going to have its first stamp soon!
12. I have a Kindle.
13. I am able to watch movies and read books.
14. I am able to eat rice when I want, even while on diet. Ha ha ha.
15. I can call my friends anytime and tell them the silliest jokes or the most dire problem and they will never call me silly or stupid.
16. My sisters are willing to give up their time for me.
17. And my little sister is graduating this year! Yes! Hooray for bright futures!
18. I have a tattoo, and I still want more.

19. I have a laptop, even a small one, and I can do all my blogging as much as I want,
20. thanks to the WiFi access from our neighbor (for a minimal fee).
21. I have a prosperity bracelet, and I can feel that its working!
22. I am studying right now, and for some reasons, some of them are sticking to my mind, ha ha ha.
23. I have very supportive office mates who believes in me.
24. My husband is always a willing travel companion!
25. Oh, and I have 2 confirmed travel tickets for this year, one for me and my husband and one with the kids. This aside from my international travel this month and the domestic travel last month.
26. I have no savings, ha ha ha, But I have lots of great memories.
27. I have friends who can rely on everyday, be it for the use of their credit card, or just for a cup of coffee.
28. My kids love me. My daughter would cover me with a blanket when she thinks I'm already asleep.
29.  My other son would kiss me goodnight, even when I'm already asleep.
30.  My eldest son would ask me advise on relationships and tips on dating!
31. My mom would text me to ask what I would like to have for lunch or dinner.
32. I have access to the company gym and I do Zumba every Tuesday so I can try and lose weight.
33. I can surf the internet anytime I want, to search for financial formulas or just for about anything.
34. My boss trusts me enough to send me to meetings!
35. I have no wish nor need to go abroad to work and leave my family.
36. I have all that I need, thanks to our Lord.

It is indeed awesome to be 36!

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