November 30, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Christmas, why are in such a hurry? You're just around the corner and I'm not even starting to write my list! Dear mornings, why are you the best time to go to sleep? Why do you make it the hardest to get up when you know I have to get up? Dear Hair, why cant we agree for a day and be good for once? Dear annoying office mate, can you stay away from me, like maybe, a planet away? Dear congested nose and allergies, why wont you leave me alone?

November 29, 2012

Parks Are Not for Sleeping!

The signs reads "Parke ay pasyalan, hindi tulugan", translated, it means, parks are for recreation, not for sleeping.
And with a park as beautiful as this, why would you rather sleep? So, we spent our morning roaming and walking around the park, and taking pictures!
It was fun!

November 28, 2012

T is for Tarsiers

T is for Tarsiers! These cuddly creatures can be found in Bohol, in the Philippines. They are marsupials, not unlike the Koalas.
And they are shy! And I feel sorry for the little guy for having to endure this when he should be sleeping! At least, the guests took heed and shut the camera flashes off.

November 26, 2012

Pink & Blue Christmas Trees!

Christmas is here! Taken last Saturday at the skygarden of one of the malls here.  They have an awesome display that makes walking around the mall fun! Makes you get into that Christmas spirit!

Friday Letters

Dear Monday, Apologies, but this is a Friday Letters post. Dear Danniel, thank you for the wonderful 10 years of your life and I hope you have a lot more happy years ahead of you. Dear Rice and other carbs, hope not see you in my plate so I wont miss you that much! Dear Passport, eager for you first stamp ever? Dear Cambodia trip, why are you so far away?  Dear 4-day work week, please go a little faster!

November 23, 2012

Mt. PInatubo Crater Lake

Taken at Mt. Pinatubo Crater Lake.

Oceanarium at Manila Ocean Park

The best part of our Manila Ocean Park visit, after the bird show and the jellies,  was the part when we get to see the Oceanarium.  

According to the Manila Ocean Park website, "Be fascinated by the wonders of the sea in our Oceanarium, a breath-taking marine life exhibit at par with Asia's best. Discover over 5,000 varieties of marine creatures from around 300 species, all indigenous to the Philippines and the Southeast Asia. Walk through Asia's largest underwater viewing tunnel, stretching 25 meters long and curved at 220 degrees, and witness how different reef fishes interact with each other."  And yes, we were indeed fascinated!
When you enter the Oceanarium, you pass by these crocodiles and what looks like a rain forest! 
There was also Koi feeding, but we didnt get to try it as we wanted to get inside the Oceanarium already.
When you get inside, there are simple black signs like Agos, Buhay na Karagatan, etc, that says where the sea creatures can be found in the ocean.
There are lots of interesting sea creatures!
Lookie, sea horse!
And the biggest part of the ocean display!
There were lots of people when we were there but we still to managed to get a good view of the Oceanarium.  The kids had a great time too.
And there was a diver inside the huge aquarium and we all had fun trying to capture him in our photos! 

Bye, Oceanarium! Hope to see you again soon! My family really enjoyed this part of Manila Ocean Park a lot and we hope to come back again soon!

Php 400 per head for regular rate
Php 350 per head for children 4ft & below
Free for children 2ft & below
Last entry at 6:30 PM

Monday and Tuesday
10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Last selling of tickets at 6:15 PM

Wednesday to Friday
10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Last selling of tickets at 7:15 PM

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday
9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Last selling of tickets at 7:15 PM

November 22, 2012

An Egg A Day is OK!

Found on a wall in Ilocos (not on an egg store!)

November 21, 2012

S is for Sand, Sea and Sky!

S if for Sand, Sea and Sky, also known as Boracay!

November 19, 2012

Boracay Fire dancers

In Boracay, you don't have to spend too much on entertainment.  With a beer on our hands, we just walked along the beach to find ourselves highly entertained by these fire dancers! They were awesome and they danced well to the tune of the newest craze so the audience are really in for a lot of enjoyment!

Koi Pond

I chanced upon these nice Kois when we went Fort Ilocandia last July.  I love watching Kois because I feel so relaxed while doing so!  They make the place look so peaceful and enchanting, especially because you hear the gushing waters in the fountain, and you can see the Kois just swimming peacefully.
One of my dreams is to have a house with a small garden and a koi pond, and I wish it will come true someday.  I can imagine myself in my garden, tending to my plants and kois, with no care in the world.

 Just watching them washes away all my worries and assures me that everything is beautiful, and going to be alright.

November 17, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Breaking Dawn Part 2, why you so awesome?

Dear Sleep, I missed you!

Dear Extra Pounds, Why me?

Dear Irritating Person, Do you think we are close? I am just being polite because I am trying not to be rude. But please take a hint: I.Dont.Care!

Dear Driving Skills, Can you come back again soon?

Dear Unread Books, Why are you piling up!

Dear exercise, Why are you so boring?

November 16, 2012

Bangui Windmills

Bangui Windmills, Ilocos Province, Philippines.

Manila Ocean Park: All Star Bird Show

Our Manila Ocean Park adventure last October 2012 was the Family Fun Day of our company.  We were to see the All Star Bird Show, The Penguin Show, The Dancing Jellies and the Oceanarium.  I already wrote about the Dancing Jellies here, and the kids enjoyed it.

First on our schedule at the fun day was the penguin show but we missed it so we waited for the bird show to start.  It was held outside, and although it was only 9am, it was hot and humid. Good thing my kids are not cranky!
 "Get ready for a stunning visual fiesta that brings together a collection of birds on one stage. Meet Dazzle the sulfur crested cockatoo, Sassy & Bandit the green winged macaw and many more ' all ready to amaze you with their beauty and intelligence!" Thats what it says about the All Star Bird Show but we were disappointed!   There was not much to see, and the banter from the hosts were too dry and scripted.  
You really cant train the birds to perform like people do but they did well with the basketball and stuff, but its more of the hosts that should have made it more alive and interesting.  They didn't so it was boring.
 And did I say it was hot? Yeah. It was.  Highlights of the bird show was when the bird flew to get the money from an audience and then give it back.
And the albino snake.  Yeah, in a bird show.  The bird show in Zoobic is way better than this one in Manila Ocean Park so if you are going there just to see the bird show, please don't.  You will be disappointed.  Of course, we enjoyed the Jellies.

Next post: The Manila Ocean Park Oceanarium.

November 15, 2012

Traveling Takes Time to Plan

I took this photo while I was on a plane about to leave for Boracay.  I had to take a picture of this because next year, I will take my first ever out of the country trip to Cambodia.  With only 2 and a half months to go, I need to save money for this trip!
So yes, I better start planning because what we usually do is buy tickets on sale and plan around it, ha ha ha!


I was only 11 years old when my dad passed away but I had fond memories of my Tatay.  I look like him, for one, as we are both pango and I am his favorite.  I am the son he never had.  But growing up with my Tatay then was not easy because he was sick, and we were poor and I was young and helpless.
 Now, 24 years later, how I wish that he met his son-in-laws and wonderful grand kids   He would love them to bits, I am sure.  My sons were born March and November, his birth and death months.  And I know that he was looking after me when I gave birth to my sons because he very much wanted a son to carry his name.  And my kids will forever carry his bloodline, if not his surname.
Wala lang, this post is just because I miss him all of a sudden. To all of you who still have your father with you, please tell them you love them. While you still have a chance to say it to them.