July 30, 2012

Diet, Diet and More Diet

Need I say more? Ha ha ha!

July 20, 2012

Paoay Church In Ilocos Norte

One item to cross off on my places to visit! Love, love, love the Paoay Church (or St. Agustin Church) in Ilocos Norte  More pics later!

July 12, 2012

No Flash for these Cuties!

At the back of this cute and shy Tarsiers are signs asking the tourists to be careful when taking their pictures.
Keep your voices down and make sure to turn off your camera's flash are the frequent reminders from the guides when taking souvenir photos of these nocturnal creatures.  Taken during one of my travels to the enchanting province of Bohol.

July 9, 2012

A Photo A Day: The Bag Lady

Me and 'my' Balenciaga
Update: This is not a Balenciaga, its Ferragamo, y'all! (hirap ng walang alam sa mga bags!)

Yep, I am the bag lady.  Actually, its not my bag and I don't think that I will ever own a bag like it.  It costs somewhere near my kid's one year tuition fees, ha ha! So unless my husband becomes a boxing champion or I become a millionaire, I will not have a bag like it.  But its good to know bags and shoes, thanks to my fashionable office mates.  While I aspire to have a designer bag, this one is waaaaaaaayyyy above my league! One day, when buying a bag will give me pleasure rather than guilt, then I will have one designer bag.  But right now, I will just have fun posing with someone else's designer bag, ha ha.

July 6, 2012

Not a Literary Tattoo

So I finally got my first tattoo last night but it was not the literary tattoo that I initially wanted to get.  Its okay, now I know I will get one again soon.  This is my dragonfly tattoo and I love it.  Story and more pictures later.

100 Memories

This is the 100 things I want to do before I die, or my bucket list post. And this going to be an ongoing project. I will update, delete, add as I accumulate more memories!

1. Visit my relatives in Catarman, Samar.
2. Travel outside of the country.
3. Travel to Sagada.
4. Buy my first DSLR.
5. Buy a car, second or third hand even!
6. Receive a paycheck without any loan deduction.
7. Conquer another mountain after Taal Volcano.
8. Go whitewater rafting in CDO.
9. See the Sunken Cemetery in Camiguin.
10. Ride a roller coaster.
11. Learn how to swim.
12. Learn how to drive.
13. Publish a book, or a collection of my blog posts.
14. Get married in church, or by the beach or in a garden.
15. Get a tattoo. Permanent.
16. Go to Hong Kong Disneyland.
17. Buy a set of jewelries.
18. Build the second floor of our house.
19. Pay-off the housing loan.
20. Lose 10 lbs before my birthday.
21. Visit Angkor Wat.
22. See the Banaue Rice Terraces.
23. Learn how to dance.
24. Try helmet diving.
25. Experience bungee jumping. Or maybe not, ha ha.
26. Try para-sailing.
27. Have braces for my overbite.
28. Learn how to swear in 5 languages. But not use it.
29. Buy a second pair of killer heels!
30. Wear a dress to work.
31. Ride an ATV.
32. Ride atop a jeepney.
33. Go back to school.
34. Try Yoga.
35. Dance Zumba!
36. Go on a trip alone.
37. Try belly dancing.
38. Buy a kindle.
39. Gaze at a sunrise atop Mt. Pulag.
40. Get drunk on a beach.
41. Drive to work.
42. Speak in an assembly.
43. Win in an online contest.
44. Get promoted at work.
45. Wear colored contact lens.
46. Buy one designer bag. Or gifted, in this case.
47. Go on a retreat.
48. Visit a province on a whim.
49. Go on a buffet treat with the whole family.
50. Run a half-marathon.

July 5, 2012

Taking Care of Our Environment

When we had our swimming party for Ishi's 8th birthday last May, we went to this resort near Laguna Bay in Tanay, Rizal.  Some of the cottages were built on stilts over the water and the owners were responsible enough to put the sign below reminding the guests not to throw their trash on the water.
Please do not throw your trash on the water
It was a good reminder because otherwise, the trash would just accumulate inside the fenced fish pond.  As it is, the water was already murky and I wondered if fish could still thrive there!
 As we were taking pictures of the water, I keep on telling my kids to take care of the environment by being responsible with their trash.  The simplest way they can do this is to keep their trash on their pockets until they find a suitable garbage bin, and not to just throw it away.  That act alone would save us a lot of trouble from clogged waterways and flooding.

July 4, 2012

A Photo A Day: Reunions are Fun!

Mrs. Manlulu, Michelle and Me , standing: Candice
Last week, a friend of ours from high school was in the country for a short vacation.  Michelle, our official class organizer texted everyone for a mini-reunion and we were so glad that despite the short notice, more than 10 of us were able to make it.  We were extra happy because our class adviser, Mrs Manlulu was also present.  She remains very sweet and loving to our class, still giving us advise after all those years.

It was fun to see new classmates after almost 20 years and to see how their lives have been. It was hard to imagine these scrawny teenagers are now parents and successful businessmen and women.  We shared each of our own stories and tried to imagine how our other classmates looks right now.  

I hope to see these guys again next time so that we wont be strangers to each other! Reunions makes you realize that people change, but not really, even after all those years!

July 2, 2012

Not Too Late for A Swimming Party!

Me, Ehms & Rona
My friends and I have this summer swimming tradition at Rona's clubhouse in Somerset in Pasig.  Ever since they moved there some years ago, they have always been kind enough to open to us their homes, and the pool at the clubbhouse, for some fun and family bonding.
Rona's husband Rodney, in the middle.
This year, due to various conflict in schedules and difficulty in matching each and everyone's availability, our swimming happened in June 30.  My husband and Ehm's make it due to their work schedule but the kids were too excited and we couldn't postpone it any longer.
I dont have pictures of Rona and her kids because I would always put away my camera when it rains and then it would get too cold to get out of the water, ha ha.
And while it rained hard in the evening, nothing can stop our kids from having fun! It was already 830 pm when we decided to leave the pool, and only because our lips were already turning blue from the cold, ha ha.  
And lest you think we were such irresponsible parents for letting them stay that long in the water, they really were like fish in the water, and they didnt want to leave!  So June 30 was not really too late for a swimming party as the kids, and the parents really had a grand time!

July 1, 2012

A Photo A Day: Gumamela

I love this flower called gumamela.  They are beautiful and unassuming.  They seem not to need any praise because they know their worth.  I wish some people would be like them. Their simplicity makes them all the more beautiful!