May 31, 2012

The 7 C's of Character

May 29, 2012

Ishi's 8th Happy Birthday!

My baby girl, Ishi, turned 8 years old this May and we went swimming for her special day.  It was her request, and while some of her cousins on her dad's side were not able to join us, my sister and her kids more than made up her day!
 I believe that no happiness and joy can be purer that that of a child having a great time!  And you can see that my kids are having a blast just being on water!  The equation is simple: Kids+Water=Happiness!
A happy birthday again to my dearest baby and I know that you will grow up into a happy and well-adjusted girl! Happy Blue Monday everyone!

May 26, 2012

We Live For Moments Like This!

Our family is the most important part of our lives.  I can never imagine losing one of my loved ones.  I can let go of a lot of material things, for as long as my family is happy and complete.  And I am saddened when families have to be torn apart because of the need to work abroad to be able to give the children a better life.  I hope to never make this sacrifice.  I am lucky that my kids want us more than they want material things.  "Di bale na hindi masyado madaming pera, basta masaya at magkakasama." And moments like what we had above when we went swimming for Ishi's 8th birthday is something that I hold dear in my heart.  Moments like this, and not money, makes my life worth living!

May 16, 2012

Thoughts to Ponder

We should think of hardships as trials.  We are not given these trials by God if we cant handle them.  Just try and stay positive that things will get better soon.

May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, Inay!

Me and my Inay
To my mom who always stood behind my every decision and who works so hard for my family, happy mother's day! I love you and thank you very, very much for everything!  I wish my kids feel the same way as I do with you, then I would know that I have been a good mom to them like you are to me.

May 9, 2012

Good Intentions

I really would like to operate under this assumption: that everybody is good.  But most of the time, they prove otherwise.  So I just don't make assumptions so I don't get disappointed.  Saves you from heartaches.  

May 7, 2012

Mango Ice Scream with Chocolate Chips!

This is a mango ice cream which I tried at City Buffet In Robinson's Galleria last week and I am craving for it this Monday afternoon! I want! Unfortunately, I am forever on diet and I can only binge once a week, ha  ha.  Anyway just looking at it seems to mollify my craving so I will just make it my computer's screen saver, ha ha!