November 14, 2011

Little Piggy

This yellow piggy was our coin bank for more than a year now and we decided to open her up yesterday. We first said that this will be our car money and then our Cebu money. But since we already have a car and we have already gone to Cebu, we cant decide yesterday what we were saving for so we said might as well open her up. And look how many coins she had for us!
It was more than P1,200 and my mom went to the market with her wallet full of coins! It was worth a week of food or so.
And then we sealed the piggy again and will hope to open her up again in a year or two and maybe, she will be a lot fatter then! But we have yet to decide what we are saving for because we have this superstition that if you are saving up for nothing specific, then somebody will get sick and that money will just be used for that. I think we will call it our travel fund for Hong Kong, so we will save for some 3 years or more, ha ha.

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