April 29, 2011

Where Heaven and Earth Meet

Sabang Beach, Puerto Princesa Palawan.

April 28, 2011

Water Runs Deep, But Might Run Out too!

This was the sign posted at Grotto Vista Resort where we had our swimming last Saturday. Translated, it means conserve water because it will run out too. I find it very responsible of the management to post signs like these in wash areas and shower rooms because it is a reminder for us to conserve water because it might indeed run out someday!
One sign I wont mind seeing everywhere!

April 26, 2011

Our New (Old) Van!

Excuse me for being too excited about this and sharing with all of your our newly acquired, old family van. This is a 1989 model Toyota Lite Ace and is perfect for my family. This is actually our third car: the first one was a Nissa Stanza and then a Mitsubishi Lancer. But because of my growing family, and my sister and mom who lives with us a bigger car is a must for us. So there she is, our new (old) van!

One of my 100 memories has been achieved too! Wish us more joy and journeys in this van and wish us safe arrival too!

April 20, 2011

N is for Nipa Hut

Badge Design By Troy

Nipa huts are common houses in provinces in the Philippines. They are made of light materials and indeed perfect for resting because it is cool inside. This is one of the nipa huts at the Banana Island in Coron Palawan when we visited last year. After our meal, we laid down on the hammock and let the winds lull as to sleep! A perfect vacation indeed!

April 19, 2011

Seeing Red in Boracay!

One of the happiest travels we had last year was in Boracay. It was my mother and sister's first time to ride a plane, and except for my husband and me, it was their first time to see Boracay! We landed at the Kalibo airport and was welcomed by this sign!My eldest son, posing as one of the Ati dancers. This is one of the more famous festival in the country that happens in January at Kalibo, the Ati-atihan festival.
How much fun did we have in Boracay? Look at this picture below and you be the judge!
Hope you can all come and see Boracay. It is one the most beautiful tourist destination in the Philippines! You will really fall in love with the beach and the food and the people!

April 15, 2011


If there is heaven, then it would look like something like this! So beautiful, so peaceful, so lovely! And this is one of the islands in Coron, Palawan.

One of the places that I will never forget in Coron and Iwish for all of you to see it!

April 14, 2011

Monkey Business

These monkeys means business and they really wants us to see the aviary! I think they are missing another monkey here. Dont they always come in three's: see no evil ,hear no evil, say no evil?
Another fun sign at Baker's Hill in Puerto Princesa.

April 13, 2011

A River Cruise

One of the most beautiful places to visit in the Philippines and one of the fun things to do is to eat your buffet lunch while cruising the jade green river of Loboc. At the end of the river, you get to stop at an Ati Village for some photo opps too! One of the highlights of our Bohol trip last December 2008. And we are going back, this time with my office mates, in June!

Cant wait to do this again!

April 11, 2011

The Loves of My Life

This is my small family and the loves of my life. Not in this picture is my husband and my brother-in-law and they are loves of my life too! In this picture are my three kids and my mother and my youngest sister Kris and my sister Dianne and her two kids. This is my whole family!
Moments like these when we are together and happy are so few that we cherish each one of them. These are the reasons why we keep on working. To see our kid's happy faces just make life worthwhile!

April 8, 2011

Why Are Clouds White?

I said goodbye to Coron, Palawan and took pictures of the islands and the clouds from the window of the plane.
And so pray tell me, why are the clouds white?
Like heaven is just somewhere in this scene!
And clouds are like pillars to welcome you to gates of heaven!
I love sky watching especially from above!

April 6, 2011

I Love Batangas

I was born in Batangas though I was raised in Pasig City. But my heart remains true to the province of my birth! I am a BatangueƱa, through and through! And I am so proud to present to you the beautiful beach of Munting Buhangin in Nasugbu, Batangas. These beaches can rival those of other provinces at any time, and its proximity to the city (2 hours travel) makes them easier to visit!

Taken at different times during the day last May 2010.

April 4, 2011

The Yellow Road


The family at the Billar man-made forest in Bohol. It is a two-kilometer mahogany forest that you can see on the way to Chocolate Hills.
Happy Mellow Yellow Monday!

April 1, 2011

Watch Over My Country

My country, the Philippines.
Our national hero, Dr, Jose Rizal.
Luneta, Manila Philippines
November 2009