October 2, 2014

Little By Little in 31 Days: A 31 Days Writing Challenge

I chanced upon write31days.com from eatprayreadlove.com and decided to join the online writing challenge for 31 days.  So, I picked one topic and vow to write about it everyday.  My chosen topic is about inspiration and I call it Little by Little in 31 days.  Basically, it will be about small things that I will try to change in myself, until I become a better person.  It's actually hard because then, I would have to look at myself and my faults, and try and change them.  I hope I can do it too! 
This picture was taken last year when I climbed a mountain called Pico de Loro or Parrot's Beak.  It really tested me, and I even climbed that huge monolith behind even as I was really afraid.  I used this photo to illustrate how even little things can make us move mountains, where in this case, the mountain are my bad habits. 

So goodluck to me!

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