March 19, 2014

PUPCET 2014 Results: Waiting Game

My son is one of the thousands of graduating high school students who took the PUPCET, in the hopes of qualifying to one of the country's top universities, and the only one with the cheapest tuition fee. And I am one of the thousands waiting, together with the parents, for the results of the exams to come out.  I wish it is March 24 already! My son will be celebrating his birthday on March 25th and he will have his graduation on the 27th, and I pray fervently that it will be a triple celebration.  I am looking at the PUP Website daily since Monday, in the hopes that I can will my son to pass.  So good luck to all of us who are in this waiting game together!

I will post the link to the results here once I see them! Goodluck!

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