April 2, 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 27-Talk About Your Siblings

Talk About Your Siblings

My Ate Diana-
She is one person that makes you feel better and makes you do better when you are with her.  She is the least judgmental person that I know.  Despite my many faults, she loves me unconditionally. She is very proud of me, which makes me proud of myself too.  I couldn't wish for a more loving and supportive sister in the whole world.
my baby sister Kris-
She is now 21 years old and graduating from college. She is a very responsible teenager and she makes me so proud with her achievements.  She takes care of my kids with such love and she sometimes help with responsibilities like tutoring,etc.  She is such a great blessing to our family.

I feel lucky indeed to have them as my sisters and I am a better person because of them both.

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