March 14, 2013

Signs: No Laughing

When I first saw this sign at Toul Sleng Genocide Museum, I was curious as to why they have to put up that sign. And then when I entered the rooms where the killings and the murders took place, I know that there was no need for that sign.  We couldn't even smile as we talk among ourselves. Our hearts were heavy and I doubt if I can let out a laugh even if you force me!
The Toul Sleng Genocide Museum was a security prison during the brutal reign of the Khmer Rouge.  While it is not a happy place to visit, it is really a place where tourists must visit so that they will understand how the people of Cambodia have suffered, and then they will learn to respect the value of life and freedom more.


  1. Thank you for that powerful reminder! As an American I feel there's a responsibility that comes with freedom which is to help others to achieve it