March 24, 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 18-Disrespecting Paremts

Disrespecting Parents
my blonde inay

My father died when I was in high school but I never have any recollection of me disrespecting him intentionally.  He would just raise his brows at me and I would instantly know my place. I love him and I miss him and I know that he would have been a very good lolo to my kids.  My mom is a different matter.  We had a falling off after my dad died and she had her new family. I may have been a bad daughter then and respect was the last thing on my mind. But we made up when I was in college and I have never disrespected her since. I love her for all her help and sacrifices for my family and when we fight, as we sometimes do, it is never out of disrespect and just a misunderstanding.  I love my mom fiercely!

Its true that once you become a parent you would look back at everything you did to your parents and wish that your kids will never do the same thing to you.  I am thankful that at their young age, my kids are respectful and kind and loving. I wish that they stay the same as they grow older. I hope my husband and I are showing them how.

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