March 23, 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 17-Things That Make You Scared

Things that Make You Scared

1. My mom's health. While she is not that old, she is hypertensive and has vertigo.  But she still sells BBQ daily to help my family. I worry that something bad will happen to her when she goes to the market everyday very early morning. But in a few months, di ko na sya pagtitindahin. But she said she will get more sickly pag wala siyang ginagawa. Ang hirap makipagtalo sa matanda!
2. My husband's health. He is hypertensive. And he doesnt exercise anymore due to his work schedule. E ang taba na tuloy ulit!
3. That I am not good enough for my job. Scary. And it makes me so insecure sometimes.
4. That something will bad will happen to me and my kids will have a hard life. Wag naman sana
5. Flying cockroach. Or giant spiders. Or insects crawling into my ears. He he he.

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