March 22, 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 16-3 Things You Are Proud of About Your Personality

3 Things You Are Proud of About Your Personality

  1. I am strong and determined. My friends know what I have been through growing up, and I survived. I am thankful that my kids will never have the same difficulties in their life because we work very hard for them.
  2. I take my responsibilities and my relationships seriously.  I love my family, my husband, my friends and my work. 
  3. I am happy.  It may not always show on my face but I am happy with my life.  I want more, but I am working for it and I am thankful for what I have.  Some people may think that I do not have enough, but what I have is more than what other people will ever have: a happy and healthy family, a loving husband, a great mom, two very supportive sisters, the best bestfriends in the world, a great circle of friends, i am able to travel, and I can buy some things that I want.  I am happy because I am grateful. And because I am grateful, I am happy.

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