March 4, 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1-Weird Things You Do When You Are Alone

This is my first entry to this 30-day blog challenge that I found from Ehms. Here goes:

Day 1: Weird Things You Do When You Are Alone.

image has no relevance whatsoever to the topic, hahahaha
I really don't have much time alone, other than when I take a leave from work and then the kids are off to school. Or when I commute to and from work (does that count as alone?) Anyway, when I am at home and nobody is there, the weird thing is, I can't relax.  I have to finish each and every chore before I can lie or sit down with a book. By then, somebody would be home with me. Since I have 3 kids and my mom lives with us in a small house, there is no opportunity to lock myself in the room to think or read. I also do not like going off on my own.  When I find myself alone, I just read or sleep and that is not weird.  Actually I think what is weird is that I can think best when I am doing the laundry. Now even I think that's weird!

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