December 11, 2012

No One is Too Old for Cotton Candy!

A visit at our favorite park is never complete without too much play and too much sugar! And here to give us that much sugar is, tada, the Cotton Candy! It comes in all sorts of colors and we got the blue ones!
 One is not enough for my kids so they each got one!

Happy faces! And not in the pictures, are the oldies (me, my husband and my mom) enjoying our share of the sugar rush!


  1. This is blue-tiful and yummy. Thanks for sharing blue cotton candy.

    Happy Blue Monday, Dinah.

  2. Indeed, a picture of happy faces:)

    Visited from Blue Monday- hope you can stop by..

  3. I am not a fan of sweets but I lov cotton candies lol. Lovely shots.

    I know it's Friday already but I don't want to miss the BLUE entries so here I am.

    Hope you can also comment on my my BLUE post