November 16, 2012

Manila Ocean Park: All Star Bird Show

Our Manila Ocean Park adventure last October 2012 was the Family Fun Day of our company.  We were to see the All Star Bird Show, The Penguin Show, The Dancing Jellies and the Oceanarium.  I already wrote about the Dancing Jellies here, and the kids enjoyed it.

First on our schedule at the fun day was the penguin show but we missed it so we waited for the bird show to start.  It was held outside, and although it was only 9am, it was hot and humid. Good thing my kids are not cranky!
 "Get ready for a stunning visual fiesta that brings together a collection of birds on one stage. Meet Dazzle the sulfur crested cockatoo, Sassy & Bandit the green winged macaw and many more ' all ready to amaze you with their beauty and intelligence!" Thats what it says about the All Star Bird Show but we were disappointed!   There was not much to see, and the banter from the hosts were too dry and scripted.  
You really cant train the birds to perform like people do but they did well with the basketball and stuff, but its more of the hosts that should have made it more alive and interesting.  They didn't so it was boring.
 And did I say it was hot? Yeah. It was.  Highlights of the bird show was when the bird flew to get the money from an audience and then give it back.
And the albino snake.  Yeah, in a bird show.  The bird show in Zoobic is way better than this one in Manila Ocean Park so if you are going there just to see the bird show, please don't.  You will be disappointed.  Of course, we enjoyed the Jellies.

Next post: The Manila Ocean Park Oceanarium.

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