October 31, 2012

My 7 Deadly Sins: Halloween Special

Thanks to Ehms, I found this timely meme, the 7 deadly sins from  for Halloween, and so here goes my list:
PRIDE: Seven great things in your life.
1. My husband, Noel.  We've been married almost 15 years and although there were rough times, it's all worth it.
2. My 3 adorable kids. I will do everything in my power to give them a chance at a great future.
3.  My loving and supportive family: my mom,Kris and Ate Dianne.
4. A great set of friends: superfriends Ehms and Rona, through-thick and thin friends Vangie, Blanda, Cat, and 'officemates' Caryl, Mara, Ria, Jana and Aryssa, and a lot lot more people around me.
5. My job, and the awesome set of people at work.
6. Good health, except for this pesky allergy.
7. My blogs and the moolah that comes from them, hi hi hi.
ENVY: Seven things you lack and covet:
1. A sexy body, wahahahah!
2. Finance/accounting background
3. Money in the bank
4. my own published book.
5. travels
6. smashing wardrobe
7. a designer bag/watch/shoes
WRATH: Seven things that make you angry:
1. Know-it all's
2. Late or no reply to text or emails
3. Broken promises
4. Plastic (both literally and figuratively)
5. Dirty house
6. Dirty laundry
7. Password-protected wifi, ha ha ha.
SLOTH: Seven things that you neglect to do:
1. Leave for my MBA.
2. Now I have to do it all over again!
3. Organize the shoes/closets
4. Giveaway old clothes/stuff
5. Exercise
6. Pay PDC for our housing loan.
7. Again, exercise, Ha ha ha.
GREED: Seven wordly material desires:
1. New house
2. New car
3. DSLR camera
4. Cash
5. more cash
6. and some more cash
7. and a little more cash wont hurt :)
GLUTTONY: Seven guilty pleasures:
1. Travel
2. more travel
3. Spa dates
4. more spa dates
5. Pizza, pasta, burger, chocolate, ice cream
6. Books!
7. Blogging
LUST: Seven things you love about love:
1. Cuddling
2. Kissing
3. Spooning
4. Wet kisses from the kids
5. A wedding
6. A wedding ring
7. the knowledge that there is someone who looks after you.

Wow, this is not easy, but it sure was fun!!!

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