October 15, 2012

Jellies: Dancing Sea Fairies at the Manila Ocean Park

Our company recently had its Family Fun Day at Manila Ocean Park, a marine theme park this side of the Philippines that houses a large collection of sea animals. It was indeed a fun-filled day of family bonding and learning!
 One of the free attractions that we were able to see was the Jellies: dancing sea fairies.  The colors of the tank changes to the tune of the music! It was indeed fun to watch despite the number of people.  The kids were awed and amazed!
 One of the jellies I was able to capture a picture of in full!
 The life cycle of a jellyfish made it educational too.  My kids would look at this and then run to one of the tanks to see on which stage the jellies on that tank were.
My son Danniel, having his photo taken at one of the tanks!
I think it would have been more enjoyable if the room was not too filled with people.  But since it was a family day and there were schedules to be followed, the room was cramped.  But that did not stop that kids from enjoying themselves!


  1. It's surely a wonderful time. Your jelly capture is wonderful!

  2. Beautiful pics with various shades of blue! All so lovely!

  3. Those jelly fish sure sting! Thanks for sharing.

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  5. What a wonderful event for the families:)

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