July 5, 2012

Taking Care of Our Environment

When we had our swimming party for Ishi's 8th birthday last May, we went to this resort near Laguna Bay in Tanay, Rizal.  Some of the cottages were built on stilts over the water and the owners were responsible enough to put the sign below reminding the guests not to throw their trash on the water.
Please do not throw your trash on the water
It was a good reminder because otherwise, the trash would just accumulate inside the fenced fish pond.  As it is, the water was already murky and I wondered if fish could still thrive there!
 As we were taking pictures of the water, I keep on telling my kids to take care of the environment by being responsible with their trash.  The simplest way they can do this is to keep their trash on their pockets until they find a suitable garbage bin, and not to just throw it away.  That act alone would save us a lot of trouble from clogged waterways and flooding.


  1. Start training them as kids and hopefully they influence other older people! Good post.

  2. throwing trash everywhere is a nasty habit, but even more so in the water where it can become as much a danger as an eyesore.

  3. Yay! What a wonderful sign and reminder.

    I was at a ball game and told my kids to put their trash in my purse to throw away later instead of throwing it on the floor like everybody else. When I got home my purse was full. My kids had picked up ALL of the trash under our seats and put it in my bag!

  4. i just saw a TV docu featuring Binangonan...they have great aqua culture industry. i'm sure it's also the same in Tanay.

    the thrash that we throw out will come back to us in a form of flood!:p

  5. shame people must be told and told
    I hope the sign helps