July 4, 2012

A Photo A Day: Reunions are Fun!

Mrs. Manlulu, Michelle and Me , standing: Candice
Last week, a friend of ours from high school was in the country for a short vacation.  Michelle, our official class organizer texted everyone for a mini-reunion and we were so glad that despite the short notice, more than 10 of us were able to make it.  We were extra happy because our class adviser, Mrs Manlulu was also present.  She remains very sweet and loving to our class, still giving us advise after all those years.

It was fun to see new classmates after almost 20 years and to see how their lives have been. It was hard to imagine these scrawny teenagers are now parents and successful businessmen and women.  We shared each of our own stories and tried to imagine how our other classmates looks right now.  

I hope to see these guys again next time so that we wont be strangers to each other! Reunions makes you realize that people change, but not really, even after all those years!

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