July 9, 2012

A Photo A Day: The Bag Lady

Me and 'my' Balenciaga
Update: This is not a Balenciaga, its Ferragamo, y'all! (hirap ng walang alam sa mga bags!)

Yep, I am the bag lady.  Actually, its not my bag and I don't think that I will ever own a bag like it.  It costs somewhere near my kid's one year tuition fees, ha ha! So unless my husband becomes a boxing champion or I become a millionaire, I will not have a bag like it.  But its good to know bags and shoes, thanks to my fashionable office mates.  While I aspire to have a designer bag, this one is waaaaaaaayyyy above my league! One day, when buying a bag will give me pleasure rather than guilt, then I will have one designer bag.  But right now, I will just have fun posing with someone else's designer bag, ha ha.

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