July 2, 2012

Not Too Late for A Swimming Party!

Me, Ehms & Rona
My friends and I have this summer swimming tradition at Rona's clubhouse in Somerset in Pasig.  Ever since they moved there some years ago, they have always been kind enough to open to us their homes, and the pool at the clubbhouse, for some fun and family bonding.
Rona's husband Rodney, in the middle.
This year, due to various conflict in schedules and difficulty in matching each and everyone's availability, our swimming happened in June 30.  My husband and Ehm's make it due to their work schedule but the kids were too excited and we couldn't postpone it any longer.
I dont have pictures of Rona and her kids because I would always put away my camera when it rains and then it would get too cold to get out of the water, ha ha.
And while it rained hard in the evening, nothing can stop our kids from having fun! It was already 830 pm when we decided to leave the pool, and only because our lips were already turning blue from the cold, ha ha.  
And lest you think we were such irresponsible parents for letting them stay that long in the water, they really were like fish in the water, and they didnt want to leave!  So June 30 was not really too late for a swimming party as the kids, and the parents really had a grand time!

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