May 7, 2012

Mango Ice Scream with Chocolate Chips!

This is a mango ice cream which I tried at City Buffet In Robinson's Galleria last week and I am craving for it this Monday afternoon! I want! Unfortunately, I am forever on diet and I can only binge once a week, ha  ha.  Anyway just looking at it seems to mollify my craving so I will just make it my computer's screen saver, ha ha!


  1. Very tempting! Have a fabulous week.

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  2. there are sugar-free ice cream...try mangoes 'n cream at FIC (Fruits in Ice Cream). it's yummy, you won't notice it's sugar-free.:p

  3. I scream for some ice cream. Tulips, have a wonderful week ahead!

  4. Looks really yummy. Thank you for sharing.