April 4, 2012

L is for Lahar

When Mt. Pinatubo erupted in 1991, it brought about a destruction so huge and vast it was felt in other places the world. It was said to be the second largest eruption of the 20th century and looking at it last March, we saw for ourselves how it destroyed everything on its path. Pyroclastic flow or lahar as it is called here turned the place into a huge desert!
We rode a 4x4 for one and a half hours and saw mostly this lahar country. One can only imagine the horror of people living in the area during the peak of the mountains' wrath.
But even after all the destruction, nature has a way of making us pause and think at its beauty and might. This is the Mt. Pinatubo crater lake that has been born from all those and I conquered it last month! Such breathtaking beauty!
Have a nice ABC Wednesday everyone! Come visit the Philippines and see this beauty for yourself!


  1. That was a fascinating natural disaster. Reminds me what I read about Krakatoa in the previous century.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. I remember reading about this volcano erupting.

  3. Well the crater looks like an awesome place to visit.Beautiful photos.

  4. Fascinating pictures. I learnt something new. Thank you for sharing this experience.