February 27, 2012

35 Things To Do Before Turning 36!

I just turned 35 last February 1 and I want to list down 35 things that I wish to do this year before I grow older by another year:
  1. Enroll in a swimming class
  2. Go back to school
  3. Attend an accounting seminar
  4. Start driving
  5. Renew my drivers license, he he
  6. Update my happiness diary daily
  7. Buy a new laptop
  8. Buy a DLSR
  9. Climb another mountain
  10. Go back to Boracay
  11. Lose 15 lbs this year
  12. Buy a new phone
  13. Visit the Banaue rice terraces
  14. Read at least 3 books per month
  15. Clean my cabinet
  16. Give away old clothes and bags
  17. Go to Tagaytay with my family
  18. Learn a new skill playing the guitar
  19. Go to the doctor for a check up
  20. Try out belly dancing
  21. Zumba
  22. Yoga
  23. Go to a retreat house
  24. Arrange and update our photo albums
  25. Put new plants in the mini garden
  26. Get that permanent tattoo
  27. Learn how to dance
  28. Wear contact lens
  29. Watch a 3D movie with the kids
  30. Go to Cagayan de Oro
  31. Eat at Yakimix again
  32. Buy a kindle
  33. Learn how to cook a new dish
  34. Complete my Harry Potter and twilight movie collection
  35. Go on a trip alone
These are just some of the things that I wish to do this 2012 and I hope that my budget permits at least some of them. Good luck to me!

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