January 2, 2012

Our Blue Sofa

Blue is said to be the lucky color of the year 2012 so after painting our humble home blue and pink, we went searching for a new sofa for our house. It was a spontaneous decision, because the old black sofa, which is already two years old looked battered, worn and out of place to the newly-painted house. You may call it an impulse buy but it was worth it! several furniture shops were still open at 3pm on December 31 and so we when we saw this blue sofa, it was love at first sight!So this sofa will be a witness to our family's journey. It will witness laughter, triumphs and joy. It will be the seat, literally, of our family adventure! It will take center stage in our home. So it will bring us greater luck and more blessings!
And with these smiles while sitting on the blue sofa, nobody will be blue for sure!
Happy New Year everyone! Welcome 2012 with a big smile :)


  1. Everyone loves blue!

    Happy New Year & Happy Blue Monday, Dinah.

  2. Lovely couch Tita!

    My BLUE, happy new year!

  3. wow! very nice...I like the color...:)

  4. Happy new couch!

    Visiting back via scottzprincess.net this time.

    See yah!

  5. Beautiful set of sofa.. Obviously, everybody like it..

    Visiting fro BM! Here's my share- hope you can visit too:)


  6. My third visit this time via Morning Dew ;-)