January 18, 2012

A is for Aviary

An aviary is a large enclosure for birds and these monkeys are pointing the way! I just love that sign!
Nope, those birds are not real and this is not the aviary yet but I love how they made those birds look too real! But if they were, you wouldn't catch me and my husband sitting there for fear of, urm, bird droppings, ha ha!
This is the aviary and those peacocks just about rule it here with their beautiful feathers!
Taken at Baker's Hill in Puerto Princesa last March 2011


  1. Lovely photos from an obviously lovely time.

  2. I could monkey around there for awhile.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Beautiful photos!

    Angel's Marching, hope you can come by, thanks!

  4. Hello Dinah.
    I agree with you about the real birds...I'd be too afraid of getting my hair all messed up! LOL
    Nice photos.
    Thanks for sharing. I appreciate the visit & anniversary wishes too.