December 8, 2011

Day 8: What's in your Bag?

This is my entry to Day 8 of the 30-Day Blog Challenge on What's In your Bag. And I took a photo of my bag just now.
Here are the things that are in my bag right now:
1. My Kate Spade wallet which was a gift from my boss last year, and some bills.
2. Techie pouch which has usb, earphones, Go Gear Aria player, and usb cord.
3. Make up pouch, comb and perfume
4. Camera
5. Cellphone
6. Small red notebook and ball pen
7. Petroleum jelly
8. handkerchief
9. my shades

If you ask me which of these items I cant live without on a daily basis, it would be my wallet, petroleum jelly and cellphone. The rest I can leave at home :-p

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