December 25, 2011

Day 25 Write 5 messages to 5 different people without using names.

Day 25 of the 30-day blog challenge is very timely because it is Christmas! And I am writing these letters to the wonderful people in my life.

1. I have been very blessed to have the three of you in my life and I would like to think that I am doing something right with raising you. I just wish that you grow up to be happy and well-adjusted individuals, with a strong sense of right and wrong. I love all of you with all my life and I will be always be here for you.

2. We have been together for 14 years and while it has been a little rough and stormy lately, I am willing to give us another chance. I want to make more happier memories with you, and get married in church on our 25th year. I love you.

3. You are the best mom a daughter could ever have. Thank you for giving us all that you have and more. I hope that I am a good daughter to you. Thank you for everything that I am.

4. You are the eldest sister that one can only dream of. I am a better person because of you. I want to be like you, but since I cant, I am honored to call you my sister. You are loving, generous and super bait. I love you!

5. I am very proud to have you as my little sister. Your achievements, I call my own. I love you and I am so very lucky to have a very responsible sister like you. May you achieve more in life than I have and just remember that we are always right behind you.

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