December 21, 2011

Day 20 What are the 10 most significant events in your life?

Late post for the Day 20 of the 30-day blog challenge and here are the 10 most significant events in my life:
1. When I graduated from college as a working student.
2. When I met my husband, got pregnant, got married and gave birth to my son Drexelle.
3. When I got a job the summer of my graduation
4. When I had my masteral, but didnt finish it because of a job
5. When I started working at URC and then at my present company
6. When we bought (okay, still paying mortgage) the house in Montalban
7. When I gave birth to Danniel
8. When I gave birth to Ishi
9. When I started travelling the Philippines
10. When I finally realized my self worth.

This is actually a summary of what has been happening about my life after college and the highlights are my role as a mom and wife, and as a career woman. While it is not as glamorous or as exciting as the life of some women I know, this is enough and fulfilling for me!

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