December 2, 2011

Day 2: 20 of My Favorite Things

This post is Day 2 of the 30-Day Blog Challenge and here are 20 of my favorite things, and they are listed here in no particular order:1. My blogs and I have 4 of them: To Be, To Be. Tutubi, Okay Ukay, Building My Dream House Photograph My Memories and Bookish Worm
2. My Laptop, Liway.
3. My swim dress I wore to Boracay in August.
4. My red dress I wore to a wedding in Aklan.
5. My pink helmet
6. My pink lunch box.
7. My lucky plant which is a gift from my office mate.
8. Our family travel photos
9. My water plant and the bottle which was recycled from a wedding invitation.
10. Our house in Montalban which I am blogging about over at Building My Dream House.
11. My Harry Potter books which was collected over the years.
12. The Twilight books which my husband gifted to me over a period of one year and a half.
13. My second camera, this Sony point and shoot.
14. Our dining set at Montalban because we dont have one here at QC, hehe.

15. Oh, the house is in the photo again because I love the sofa set which I refused to throw away after Ondoy. I scrubbed it clean after a year and it is still wonderful now!
16. The piggy thing-a-magig that my friend Weng gave me. A reminder to lose weight.
17. My second hand sewing machine. I cant make a straight stitch but I love it to bits.
18. Our van and the comfort it brings.
19. Not in the photo: my external hard drive Diwa.
20. Not in the photo: my Apad from hubby

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