April 19, 2011

Seeing Red in Boracay!

One of the happiest travels we had last year was in Boracay. It was my mother and sister's first time to ride a plane, and except for my husband and me, it was their first time to see Boracay! We landed at the Kalibo airport and was welcomed by this sign!My eldest son, posing as one of the Ati dancers. This is one of the more famous festival in the country that happens in January at Kalibo, the Ati-atihan festival.
How much fun did we have in Boracay? Look at this picture below and you be the judge!
Hope you can all come and see Boracay. It is one the most beautiful tourist destination in the Philippines! You will really fall in love with the beach and the food and the people!


  1. Your family looks as though they enjoy being together, no matter where they are!


    I’m heels over head
    In love with Red,
    There’s nothing that I won’t do
    To let you all know
    I love Red so—
    Nothing, of course, against you!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Smidgen of Playground Red

  2. I haven't been there sis, I hope that me and my family could come for a vacation in the future.

    Ruby Tuesday at my page, hope you can come and see. Have a nice day!

  3. What a lovely blog you have - a delight to visit!

    Happy RT!

    XOXO Lola:)

  4. Wow! Borah!!!.... Sana makapunta din ako dyan... One of these days....

    Hoping through RT

  5. You sure looks like having a great time, and your oldest son is a real ruby tuesday ;-)