March 17, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

Caution: Strong Undertow. Swimmers must take extra careful!

This sign was at Sabang Beach but it was being ignored by tourists that were swimming on the beach. We were warned by our tour guide to always wear our life vests while on the beach because of the sudden drops. I guess no serious injury has been encountered on this beach otherwise, the sign will be strictly imposed!


  1. People will be people. They are the ones we read about in the newspaper.

  2. OMG I won't messed up with that sign. A huge body of water is not for me. A vest is needed if I go swimming hehe I am chicken for that.
    Sign of time

  3. Funny, I've been to Sabang so many times and have never seen this sign. And I swim there all the time... although maybe not right at this spot.

  4. The sign made me smile.
    Hope you enjoyed your time there...:-)

  5. I do NOT like undertows so would have obeyed the sign. It looks so warm and appealing there.