August 20, 2014

What's in my mind...

If you can read my mind (but I cannot imagine why you would want to) here is what's going on in it right now:
1. What is that ice bucket challenge where they dump cold water on your head for charity? I really don't want to know. But why dump water on your head? Why not just give to charity?
2. I love Spotify. 
3. I wish I love writing my school papers as much as I love writing in my blog (where nobody is bound to read it).  Then I wouldn't have to worry about deadlines.
4. Sometimes, you just want to curl up and read a good book.
5. Why can't my husband understand when I say that I need to go up a mountain? It's the same way that he feels when he wants to grab a couple of beers!

6. I wish exercise is as easy as eating.  And I wish that when I realize I lose a pound, it does not mean I can eat a burger, after dinner!
7. I do not like to think about Jovito Palparan. Two mothers are there without their children and some people are calling Palparan a hero? I will stop just right here.  I really do not want to talk about him!

8.  We pay 32% in tax and yet when it rains, we are flooded.  I am okay with paying taxes as long as basic services are delivered.  But what the hell are we getting for giving the government our money?
9. I wish some people would read To Kill a Mockingbird.
10. I wish I have money right now to bring my family out of town for the long weekend.  But I don't, so we will most probably just stay home. Bummer.

There are more things going on in my head, but I have to go now and write those papers!

August 18, 2014

How To Make Graham Balls

So I saw a post on Facebook about Graham balls and it said making it was so easy, I decided there and then to buy the ingredients and have my kids make it.  So the ingredients are a can condensed milk, a pack of marshmallows and graham crackers.  This is where I went wrong!  I should have bought crushed Graham and not the crackers so we wouldn't have a hard time crushing the cracker! And then my second mistake, I poured all contents of the can of condensed milk, and realized too late that I put too much! So it was so mushy we had a hard time forming it into a ball.  But the kids had a blast, and that's all that matter!
The happy kiddos, who are scooping the mixture to their mouths when I wasn't looking, had a blast.  And they want to try again.
I guess we will have to try again until its perfect, right? 

July 21, 2014

Wealthy Beyond Compare!

I only need a few things in my life: a roof over my head, food on the table, and the smiles of my kids, and I am all set.  With their smiles and our family being complete and happy, then I am wealthy! I may not be financially wealthy, but money is overrated.  What we all need is family and love, and I am thankful everyday for it!

June 27, 2014

They Grow Up Too Fast!

The photo on the left are just some of their ID pictures taken for school purposes, and here they are now last summer.  They grow up too fast! My first born is now in college, Danniel is now in Grade 6 and my little girl is now in Grade 4.  I know they won't be babies forever, but they will always be my baby.  I love it that they still cuddle with me and give me sweet kisses before going to school or to bed.  I know enough to enjoy and savor it because I know they will grow old soon. Hay, the perks and pains of motherhood. And I will give up anything just for these wonderful kids!