September 24, 2015

Keep Telling Yourself That!

Keep telling yourself that! This has been my mantra for the day.  I have comprehensive exams coming up next week and I can't seem to focus on reviewing my notes. Truth be told, I haven't even looked at my notes! I am panicky on the inside while I am calm on the outside. Good thing I have 3 whole days to review! I promise to stop blogging (or checking my other social media sites) during those days, so help me God!

July 14, 2015

Buffet is Love!

Lunch at Seven Corners! 

May 12, 2015

Crossword Puzzles and Alzheimer's

I feel that since I grow older, my memory is not as sharp as before and I fear that I may develop Alzheimer's later on in my life.  This is one of my greatest fear and whenever I forgot something, O Imagine that I am having an onset of the disease already. Yes, I am paranoid like that. So my officemate told me to answer crossword puzzles.

 Will doing crossword puzzles prevent Alzheimer's? I really don't know but I guess it is really good to exercise our brain. So I have been doing this for the past few days already. It's hard and it is harder to stop one's self from googling the answer, hahahaha!
But there is a great feeling of satisfaction when you finished one puzzle. But it is not easy, hahahaha.

May 5, 2015

Loving My Photo books!

I have been busy these past few months and when I am busy, I tend to create photo books to relieve stress. So, here are the photo books that I have finished already.  They are all of our family travels and the most memorable ones!
I bought the photo books at Metrodeal and Ensogo for P10 or P99 and I pay a delivery charge of P300 for each. I made the mistake of paying only P150 for the cheapest delivery option and ended up paying P100 at the post office to claim my photo book, not to mention the hassle of going there. Anyway, I think P310 or P399 is worth it for preserving these happy memories! 
I call them photo books and memories, and they indeed bring back happy memories!