September 18, 2014

Happy Birthday, Ehms!

A sister from another mother, bestfriend for life: that is Ehms to me.  She is one of the two best friends that I have, which is more than one can ask for in this life.  Happy (belated) birthday, Ehms! And thank you for being a true friend on land, on sea, on top of a mountain, in and out of the Philippines; in sickness and beautification, and in all things secret.  Who would have thought I would find a true friend in you 21 years ago that first day in college? Ayan, nabisto na age mo! Thank you sa dessert!

September 3, 2014

My Mom's First Massage Experience at Rilassante Spa

My mom told me she have never had a massage in her entire life! I was actually surprised to hear it so I vowed to correct the injustice.  I took her to Rilassante Spa, one of my favorites, and had her try their Shiatsu massage with hot stones.  She super loved it!  I accompanied her to the room until she had lain down. and then she came out an hour after all sleepy and super relaxed.  We vowed to do it more often!

September 1, 2014

Kikay Bonding

This is something that I will have with my daughter, these kikay bonding moments.  Last Sunday, after our Ace Water Spa day, we went to have her hair treated (hot oil) and me for my pedicure.  We were smiling to each other silly at it.  I know that I need to treasure these moments with her, as she is growing up really fast! Simple joys!

August 29, 2014

Why Do I Travel?

I was just thinking about this yesterday: why do I love to travel? Why do I get so excited at the prospect of going to a new place, visiting the best they have to offer, eating their food, even when I am almost always only on a budget?  Do I need to travel to escape my dreary life, and maybe lull my self to think that my life is exciting? Truth be told, I don't know. What I know is this: I will travel as much as I can, because if not now, then when?

August 28, 2014

Filipiniana Costumes

Today is culminating day for the celebration of Buwan ng Wika at my kid's school and they had to come to school wearing Filipiniana costumes, and bring Filipino food.  They wore the above costumes, and brought Biko and Kutsinta.  I just hope that the school teaches them that Filipino pride is more than just wearing the clothes and eating the food, but its a good start.

The baro at saya costume was borrowed from their cousin who used during a school dance, and the magsasaka costume was recycled from one of their school presentations.